Monday, 30 November 2009

Shops for book lovers

It’s hard to resist the “2 for 3” deals at Waterstones, which is a great place to fill a shopping basket with books. But for real book lovers nothing compares to the small independent books shops. I have a few favourites around London. John Sandoe just off Kings Road is a true gem. The people working there are so passionate about their jobs that I want to stay and apply for a position between all the piles and piles of books. Or it would be even better if I could have my own bookshop. I wouldn’t mind running a places like Fosters’ Bookshop on Chiswick Highroad - another cute little shop that makes you dream about reading Keats poetry for hours (a girl is allowed to dream). The sister shop at 95 Bell Street over by Marylebone Station is also worth visiting. These are all good old-fashioned bookshops where time stands still and words and imagination rules.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Cycle mania

Being Danish I don't see bicycles as something special.
Don't get me wrong. I love my black vintage style bike cycle and still hate that someone stole my almond coloured bike from "Cykelmageren" in Copenhagen. I hope it is parading the streets somewhere in UK showing off the brilliant Danish design.
When you have been riding your bike since you were four a bicycle will always just be transportation. So I am little baffled to read about bicycles as a new big trend i London. It's also great.
With deluxe Chanel bikes, one of kind design and celebrities pedalling around London it is cool to see that Danish Christiana bike with the wooden box in the front has joined the cycle mania in London. This one is parked in front of Leon in the City.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

In love with a cafe named LEON

I had a spicy parsnip soup and chilled out at LEON on Ludgate Circus in the City today.
This is how fast food should be. Exciting for the taste buds, made with fresh ingredients and healthy too.
Normally chains don't have the feeling of quirky individuality. But LEON ticks all the right boxes and in this case it's just great that there are more LEON's out there in the big "sea".

And very good news for all, who are fans of the hot dishes, lentil masalas, lemon wraps and super food salads. LEON has a cookbook out and you can snap it up for just 16 pounds. I nearly bought it, but then I realized that the food probably will not taste the same in my kitchen without the buzz of the city.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Film clubbing

Sorry I have been neglecting the blog for so long. I have been busy finishing my next book, which I will tell you much more about later. But I haven’t stopped spotting urban gems and great places. I had the pleasure of watching a film in the screening room at the cozy and cool Covent Garden Hotel in London not long ago. It’s the perfect way to watch a movie and escape daily life for few hours. Tuck into a red seat in the basement room; enjoy the cosmopolitan feeling and a two-course dinner in the hotel restaurant after wards. This Saturday I would love to go see Broken Embraces.
The Firmdale Group also has Weekend Film Club at Charlotte Street and Soho Hotel.