Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Bohemian paradise

Forget all about living in a luxury mansion next to Madonna’s town houses in Marble Arch. I am dreaming about living in a charming shack in the bohemian paradise Eel Pie Island, where both Rolling Stones and David Bowie kicked off their careers. Rumour has it that Madonna actually did try to buy a place on the island in Twickenham. Go for a walk in this peaceful, arty and charmingly messy neighborhood, where architects have moved into a new, modern building next to houseboats, stranded boats and small cottages stuffed with paint, brushes and odd looking creative inventions.
There is a new book about this island, which has always attracted people looking for an alternative lifestyle. I was actually very surprised to learn that this unique location on the Thames River used to be home to hotel Eel Pie Island, which burned in 1971.
Eel Pie Island by Dan van der Vat and Michele Whitby is out October the 8th.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Drawing for grown ups

I have briefly mentioned that Whistles is on to something and I must say that the collaboration with Danish artist Birgitte Haahr Lund is spot on. Adding a bit of art to fashion is not a new thing. In fact it was quite hot a few seasons ago. Marc Jacobs had the world clapping (and signing up on waiting lists) when he in 2008 played tribute to the famous graffiti artist and late Stephen Sprouse with a collection of Louis Vuitton bags, scarfs and clothes with bold pink graffiti prints. The two worked together back in 2000 and the prints were reprints.
Sorry I got a bit side tracked here. I meant to tell you that Birgitte Haahr Lund has yet again being drawing on a T-shirt in Whistles. This time the grey 80s style T-shirt with a sipper in the back is decorated with a quirky creature and the artist’s own signature. I don’t have a photo yet, but to give you a sense of the style I am doing a re-run of the bird tee... with kind permission from Birgitte herself.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Go behind the scenes

Real life often beats any fictional drama. It’s certainly the case when it comes to fashion’s most powerful woman Anna Wintour. It was entertaining to see Meryl Streep play the role as the ice queen in The Devil Wears Prada. But I can’t wait to see the real thing and Anna Wintour playing the role as her self in the documentary “The September Issue”. Apparently it’s dynamite to watch the woman behind the Chanel sunglasses unfold in a creative power struggle with Vogue’s cool creative director Grace Goddington. The film goes behind the scenes for the production of the massive 840-page issue of Vogue magazine for September 2007. I am going to watch it in Richmond Film house - part of the fabulous chain Curzon Cinemas, where you can always count on interesting films.

Speaking of great cinemas. Nothing really compares to Electric Cinema in Notting Hill. If you hurry you can catch the delightfully charming and inspiring Julie & Julia there. Lean back in the big comfy chairs, rest your feet on the stools in front of you and sip some white wine while enjoying Meryl Streep (that woman is truly exploring new sides to her talent) and Amy Adams cook creamy French food.
Watching film at the Electric is a pampering film experience!

Curzon Cinema:
Electric Cinema:

Saturday, 5 September 2009

I love Melissa

Melissa plastic shoes from Vivienne Westwood are a very funky, girly treat for you feet. Wearing them feels like playing dress up. Get them in one of my favorite shops Miss La La’s Boudoir in Monmouth Street (one of the best streets in London for independent shopping). And Miss La La’s is more than just a shop it is a fabulous frilly visit in La La land and it’s like playing dress up in the dressing room of a cool movie star from 50ies Hollywood.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Dining underground

It’s one of those trends that make you think: What’s the big deal, I dine in homely environment most nights = in my own kitchen. Never the less have underground dinning become a big deal in London these days, because everyone tries to be economic chic. First there was “eating out is the new eating in” slogan. But honestly serving your own pasta and tomato sauce for your self in your own house doesn’t really compare to the thrill of scrolling down a menu, which is probably why someone came up with the idea of going out to dinner in some strangers home.
We are not just talking very secret pop up restaurants, that pop up and away before you even realized they were there. This time is private people and self-taught chefs who are whipping up a dinner in their own kitchen for people they have never met before. Addresses are announced on Facebook and Twitter. If is secret it's cool seems to be the rule.
I actually know an even more cool and secret private restaurant. It’s so secret it’s not even open yet. But I know that my friend in Strawberry Hill makes a killer Thai Curry and I will let you know as soon as she takes reservations...stayed tuned. Casa Blanco will soon be the hot spot!

Here are some of the underground restaurants I have come across ( I found them in my weekly fashion/gossip treat Grazia.

The Underground Restaurant:
The Loft:
Savoy Truffler Supperclub: